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Name:   Katie Lyons

Years Racing:   3

Car No.   K.I.L.L 13, 13k

Division:   Demolition, Enduro, Sportsman

Town/Residence:   Hopewell , NJ

Age:   22

Birthday:   June 7th, 1986

Height:   5’8”

Career Wins/Championships:   1 Demo, 2 Powder Puff

Sponsors:   Mike Lyons, Blacey’s

Crew:   Dad, Joe, Dave, Bill

Favorite TV Show:   Ghost Hunters, The Beast, Demitri Martin

Favorite Movie:   Green Street Hooligans, Wanted, Gone in 60 Seconds, The Blues Brothers, and many more

Hobbies and Interests:   Muscle cars, poker,  paintballing, snow boarding

Occupation:   Someday a mechanic, furniture builder, selling auto parts

Favorite NASCAR Driver:   Kasey Kane

Favorite Music Artist:   The Unseen, Social Distortion, Dropkick Murphys, Pink Floyd, Chuck Berry, and much more

Favorite Sports Team:   NY Jets

Favorite Food:   Home Made Mac N’ Cheese




































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