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Name: Goop Mondelli
Years Racing: 17
Car No. 15
Division: Outlaw Stock / Vintage / Enduro
Town/Residence: Berkeley Heights, NJ
Age:  35
Height: Short
Weight: Fat
Marital Status: No thanks...then I have to get a real job
Children/Ages: 3 Outlaw Stock car, Vintage car, Enduro car
Career Wins/Championships:  Every night when I am sleeping
Car Owner: I will give you one guess
Chassis: GM
Engine: 350
Sponsors:  Chatam Lawnmower, Amodeo Trucking, Mazza Landscaping, Tedesco Builders, Pacio Trucking, Mom/and every friend I have that has a vowel at the end of there name...
Crew: Lance Ruban, Mike Debisco and sometimes Tyler and anybody walking around the pits that is willing to help
Favorite TV Show: New - Sopranos, Orange County Choppers... Old - Honey Mooners and Odd Couple
Favorite Movie: Blues Brothers, Good Fellas, Smokey and the Bandit, My Cousin Vinny and Casino
Hobbies and Interests: Swap meets, Chinese Buffet, Happy ending and did I say buffet
Occupation:  Goops Scrap Metal
Favorite NASCAR Driver:  Dale Jr. and Tony Stewart 
Favorite Music Artist: Chicago, Blues Brothers, Run DMC...thats some mix
Favorite Sports Team: NJ Giants
Favorite Food: Chinese, Chile...but not at the same time













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