Minor Changes For New Egypt Speedway’s NERS Sprint Division In 2015; Definitive Tire Rule and Introduction of Handicapping System


New Egypt, NJ–         With the 2015 season only a couple short months away, New Egypt Speedway is buttoning up the rules packages for all of their weekly divisions. The first set of minor changes comes for the NERS Sprint division, with a definitive tire rule and the introduction of a handicapping system.
For the 2015 season, the NERS Sprint tire rule will mirror that of the other Racesaver divisions. A 45 or harder compound will now be required for the right rear tire. All other compounds will remain the same as the 2014 rules package. Drivers will also be able to use any used tires so long as they are the required compounds. However, all new tires MUST be purchased from the track’s tire supplier Pit Stop Tires.

The 2015 season will also implement a handicapping system for the NERS Sprint division. A driver’s yearly finishes will be added together and divided by the number of races they have run to determine their handicapping and starting position in the feature event so long as they qualify through their heat race.

The NERS Sprint handicapping system differs from that of all of the other New Egypt weekly divisions that are based on three weeks money earned. This is to help a division that has a varying amount of driver entries from week to week and also pays out the same amount to more then ¾ of the field.

The NERS Sprints are scheduled to race at New Egypt 12 times during the 2015 season.  Five of those races will be combined NERS/TSRS events. Drivers will receive New Egypt Speedway show up points for those events that will be a draw for position.

For more information on the NERS Sprint division, visit www.newegyptspeedway.net, “Like” us on Facebook /newegyptspeedwayofficial, or follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway. New Egypt Speedway is 7/16th mile, family friendly dirt racing track located minutes from Six Flags Great Adventure on Route 539 in New Egypt, NJ.

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