New Egypt Speedway Race Results July 26, 2014

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Pauch Wins Bike Night at New Egypt Speedway

New Egypt, NJ (July 26, 2014) – Six-time champion Billy Pauch of Frenchtown, NJ won the 30 lap Modified main event at New Egypt Speedway Saturday on National Parts Supply Bike Night. Pauch raced to the front by lap 7 and then cruised to his sixth victory of the season. Sammy Piazza tried to stay close but lost ground in lapped traffic finishing about half of a straightaway behind the winner.

“I want to dedicate this win to Paul Kuhl,” stated Pauch after the race, “He was very important to my success at Flemington and a good friend, he will be missed.”

PJ Oliver grabbed the lead at the start and led the first lap before Sammy Piazza got by him. Piazza looked strong as Pauch made his way up to second from his 7th starting spot. By lap six Pauch was trying to duck under Piazza in the corners and on lap seven he got the bite he was looking for and took over first place. Once in front Pauch cruised with Piazza and now Tad Cox in hot pursuit. Jimmy Blewett battled with Billy Pauch Jr. for a top five spot, as Ryan Godown began to make his presence known. The trio battled hard over the final 10 laps but could not run down the leaders. At the finish, Pauch was about half of a straightaway out in front of Piazza, who held off Cox for the runner-up spot. Cox was third followed by Blewett and Godown.

In the Sportsman 20 lap feature, Brian Roemer picked up his first win of the year after a race long battle with Alan Bleacher. Bleacher, who was looking for his first ever victory, saw Roemer race by him on a restart with 7 laps remaining and go on to his fourth career win. Bleacher drove an excellent race finishing second, followed by defending champ and current point leader Bob Lineman, Mike Howardson and JT Trstensky.

The Street Stock 20 lapper saw Jason Saredy win his second ever Street Stock feature. Saredy took the lead after halfway from Bill Liedtka and held on for the win. Liedtka was second followed by Dan Collamer, John Carpenter and Jarrod Burdge.

The annual Powder Puff Races took place for the ladies and the three events were won by Michelle Nor, Heidi Heglin and Sandy Klimeczak.

Next Saturday, August 2, it is Legends Night at New Egypt Speedway with Legend drivers from the past signing autographs for the fans. Some of the famed drivers/owners expected to be in attendance include Stan Ploski, Bobby Rossell, Newt Hartman, Ken Brenn Sr. & Jr., Johnny Leach, Daryl Carman, John Megill, Al Whitehouse, Bill Hewlitt and John Chemidlin. 358 Modifieds, Crate Modifieds, & Street Stocks will be in action and the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club will be on hand. Gates will open at 4:00 p.m. with the first race starting at 6:00 pm.  For more information call the speedway office at (609) 758-1900 or log on to, “Like” us on Facebook /NewEgyptSpeedwayOfficial, or follow us on Twitter @nesspeedway.


1st Heat: 1. Jimmy Blewett 2. Tad Cox 3. Ryan Godown 4. David Van Horn 5. PJ Oliver 6. Kevin Vaclavicek
2nd Heat: 1. Pat Wall 2. Gary Butler 3. Neal Williams 4. John McClelland 5. Danny Bouc 6. Doug Ostwald
3rd Heat: 1. Billy Pauch 2. Willie Osmun 3. Billy Pauch Jr. 4. Sammy Piazza 5. Tommy Farrell 6. Andrew Bohn
Feature (30 Laps): 1. Billy Pauch 2. Sammy Piazza 3. Tad Cox 4. Jimmy Blewett 5. Ryan Godown 6. Billy Pauch Jr. 7. Neal Williams
8. David Van Horn 9. John McClelland 10. Willie Osmun 11. Pat Wall 12. Gary Butler 13. Danny Bouc 14. Tim Apgar 15. Andrew Bohn
16. PJ Oliver 17. Tommy Farrell 18. Doug Ostwald 19. Kevin Vaclavicek 20. Bill Lester 21. Norm Saxton 22. Chris Grbac 23. Chuckles Stone
24. Stan Ploski

1st Heat: 1. Alan Bleacher 2. Mike Hendershot 3. John Cornell III 4. Mike Howardson 5. John Scarpati 6. Mike Mongello
2nd Heat: 1. Marty Saxton 2. Bob Lineman Jr. 3. Brian Roemer 4. Joe Systo 5. J.T Trsensky 6. Joe Nappi
3rd Heat: 1. Ryan Simmons 2. Kevin Dale 3. Bryan Kuhl 4. Warren Floyd 5. Derek Krum 6. Jimmy Martin
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Brian Roemer 2. ALan Bleacher 3. Bob Lineman Jr. 4. Mike Howardson 5. J.T Trsensky 6. John Cornell III 7. Mike Hendershot
8. Bryan Kuhl 9. Mike Mongello 10. Derek Krum 11. Joe Reed 12. Jimmy Amato 13. Ebby Ridge 14. Ryan Simmons 15. Aaron Weaver
16. Joe Nappi 17. Marty Saxton 18. Kevin Dale 19. Joe Systo 20. Jason Dunn 21. John Scarpati 22. Jimmy Martin 23. Melissa Scarpati

1st Heat: 1. Marty Derr 2. Bill Liedtka 3. Tom Princiotta 4. Jason Saredy 5. John Carpenter 6. Darren Cox
2nd Heat: 1. Gary Klimeczak 2. Dan Salmons 3. Joe Reid 4. Jarod Burdge 5. Dan Collamer 6. Todd Dige
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Jason Saredy 2. Bill Liedtka 3. Dan Collamer 4. John Carpenter 5. Jarod Burdge 6. Tom Princiotta 7. Todd Dige
8. Gary Klimeczak 9. Joe Reid 10. Darren Cox 11. Bill Connolly 12. Marty Derr 13. Dan Salmons

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