New Egypt, NJ (June 26, 2016) – On Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Graduation Night, Billy Pauch, Sr. picked up his second 358 Modified feature of the year with Dominick Buffalino taking the May Modified Madness title. The Crate Sportsman main event was won by Brandon Grosso. Todd Dige topped the field in the Street Stock feature. By winning the final Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie feature, Cale Ross took home the Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie championship.

As the extra distance 35-lap 358 Modified feature got underway, polesitter John Pakenham bolted to the front. Fifth place starting Billy Pauch, Sr. was quickly on the move and motored past Brian Roemer into second with four revolutions recorded. Starting on lap eight, Pauch, Sr. began to apply pressure on Pakenham. With Pauch, Sr. hounding Pakenham, fourteenth place starting Ryan Godown was continuing his drive forward as he slipped past Roemer for third place with eleven circuits completed. While most eyes were focused on the top three, Danny Bouc, Dominick Buffalino, and Billy Pauch, Jr. were in the middle of the pack and battling each other for the May Modified Madness title. On lap fifteen, Pauch, Sr. was finally able to pass Pakenham for the lead. On the same circuit and just after the change for the top spot, the first caution period of the contest occurred for PJ Oliver. When green flag racing returned, Pauch, Sr. was still on top with Godown, Andrew Bohn, Roemer and Clay Butler in pursuit. With fifteen laps remaining, the trio of Bouc, Buffalino, and Pauch, Jr. were still in a tussle amongst themselves and moving forward as Bouc and Buffalino were in the process of trading fifth place. Back up front, Pauch, Sr. was beginning to approach traffic. On lap twenty-four, the yellow lights illuminated as the top two narrowly avoided a turn two tangle between John McClelland and Doug Ostwald. On the ensuing restart, Pauch, Sr. and Godown remained in order with Buffalino driving into third. On the twenty-sixth circuit, Roemer’s night of racing ended as his car stopped in turn four and the third caution period of the contest took place. When green flag action resumed, Pauch, Sr. was still in control with Godown, Buffalino, Bouc and Bohn next in line. Shortly thereafter, Pauch, Jr. began to make a late race surge and moved into fourth place with five laps to go just before the final yellow flag of the race occurred for a slowing David Van Horn. When the green flag waved, Pauch, Sr. repelled Godown’s challenge for the lead. Over the final tours, Pauch, Sr. pulled away from the pack to claim his second New Egypt Speedway 358 Modified feature win of the season. Godown took the runner-up spot. By finishing ahead of Pauch, Jr., Bouc and McClelland, Buffalino’s third place run earned him the 2016 May Modified Madness title. Pauch, Jr. finished in fourth with Bouc coming home in fifth. The 358 Modified heat race winners were Godown and Pauch, Sr.

After starting the 20-lap Crate Sportsman feature in eleventh place, Brandon Grosso took the lead on the eleventh circuit and paced the field for the remainder of the contest to take the win. Shawn Ratchford led the opening ten tours before Grosso advanced to the front.  The victory was Grosso’s first in the Crate Sportsman class at New Egypt Speedway in 2016. Chuckles Stone finished in second place. Billy Osmun completed the race in third after starting the contest in fifteenth. Ebby Ridge was fourth with fifth going to Tom Tanner.  Jeremy Martino and Ratchford won the qualifying events in the Crate Sportsman division. The consolation race was taken by Connor King.

For the second time in his career, Todd Dige visited New Egypt Speedway’s victory lane after claiming the non-stop 15-lap Street Stock feature. Billy Wroble set the pace for the opening five tours before the fourth place starting Dige took over. Second place went to Jason Saredy. Ninth place starting Vern McLaughlin drove up to finish in third. Wroble and John Meyer completed the top five.

In the final Lyons Construction/Metal Fab Rookie feature in 2016, Cale Ross won the championship by capturing his fifth checkered flag of the season. Ross took the lead from Kyle Kania on the third circuit of the 10-lap feature. Kania completed the contest in second. Johnny Bangs outdueled Alonzo Morales for third. Fifth went to Matt Knaub.

Military Heroes Twin Twenties Night is on tap for Saturday, July 2 at New Egypt Speedway with the 358 Modifieds competing in two twenty-lap features.  The Burlington County Overhead Door NEWS Sprints and Crate Sportsman will be on the docket as well. Plus, a fireworks display is sure to entertain all in attendance. The first fifty kids through the grandstand turnstiles will receive a free goodie bag. Pit gates unlock at 4:00 p.m. with the grandstand gates opening at 5:00 p.m. Warm-ups start at 6:00 p.m. and racing action gets underway at 7:00 p.m. Admission to the grandstand is $22 for adults, $20 for seniors 65 and older, $12 for teens 12-15, $12 for military personal and their spouses with ID, and no charge for children 11 and under. Pit admission is $30 with a New Egypt Speedway license and $40 with no license.

New Egypt Speedway is located on Route 539 just minutes from Six Flags Great Adventure and the New Jersey Turnpike.   A racy 7/16-mile D-shaped dirt oval, New Egypt Speedway serves Garden State race fans with some of the best competition in the country.  New Egypt’s state-of-the-art facilities feature daylight-quality lighting and excellent sightlines from any seat in the house.  The grandstands are fully wheelchair accessible with wide, clear, and well-groomed walkways.  Concession facilities serve up everything from roast beef sandwiches to ice cream treats at family-friendly prices.

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358 Modifieds


Heat 1 – 1.  Ryan Godown 2. Andrew Bohn 3. Brian Roemer 4. Bryan Kuhl 5. Willie Osmun 6. John McClelland 7. Tad Cox 8. Kevin Vaclavicek


Heat 2 – 1. Billy Pauch, Sr. 2. PJ Oliver 3. Mike Butler 4. Danny Bouc 5. Clay Butler 6. Billy Pauch, Jr. 7. John Pakenham 8. David Van Horn





  1. BILLY PAUCH, SR. 2. Ryan Godown 3. Dominick Buffalino 4. Billy Pauch, Jr. 5. Danny Bouc 6. Andrew Bohn 7. Kevin Vaclavicek 8. Mike Butler 9. Willie Osmun 10. John McClelland 11. Clay Butler 12. Bryan Kuhl 13. Tad Cox 14. Chad Barney 15. John Pakenham 16. Chris Grbac 17. DJ Ruppert 18. David Van Horn 19. Brian Roemer 20. Doug Ostwald 21. PJ Oliver




Crate Sportsman


Heat 1 – 1. Jeremy Martino 2. Chuckles Stone 3. Billy Osmun, III 4. Jason Bittner 5. Frank Dorry 6. Dan Fleming 7. Jason Dunn 8. Mike Everitt


Heat 2 – 1. Shawn Ratchford 2. Ebby Ridge 3. Brandon Grosso 4. Aaron Weaver 5. Adam Cox 6. John Aumick 7. Ryan Simmons 8. Tom Tanner


Consolation – 1. Connor King 2. Dakota Kessler 3. Kyle Kania 4. John Criscione 5. Steve Hicks 6. Lauren Emmons 7. Johnny Bangs 8. Alonzo Morales






  1. BRANDON GROSSO 2. Chuckles Stone 3. Billy Osmun, III 4. Ebby Ridge 5. Tom Tanner 6. Jason Bittner 7. Frank Dorry 8. Jason Dunn 9. Ryan Simmons 10. Aaron Weaver 11. John Aumick 12. Connor King 13. Kyle Kania 14. Dan Fleming 15. Steve Hicks 16. John Criscione 17. Adam Cox 18. Mike Everitt 19. Jeremy Martino 20. Johnny Bangs 21. Dakota Kessler 22. Alonzo Morales 23. Lauren Emmons 24. Shawn Ratchford


DNQ: Robbie Dunn, Matt Knaub, Guy Haupt





  1. TODD DIGE 2. Jason Saredy 3. Vern McLaughlin 4. Billy Wroble 5. John Meyer 6. Kim Cooke 7. Dan Salmons 8. Darren Cox 9. Joe Reid 10. Mick Search





  1. CALE ROSS 2. Kyle Kania 3. Johnny Bangs 4. Alonzo Morales 5. Matt Knaub 6. Guy Haupt



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