John Aumick declared winner after Stangle DQ’ed from All Star Cup Crate Feature

Crate Modified driver Matt Stangle’s disqualification after finishing first at the New Egypt Speedway All Star Cup event on Saturday, September 17th is confirmed. After sending the MSD box in question directly to MSD for analysis, it was determined the initial findings were correct. The results from the event are now official with John Aumick being declared the official race winner. Here are the official results from the Crate Modified All Star Cup 25 lap feature event: 1. John Aumick 2. Ebby Ridge 3. Frank Dorry 4. Ryan Simmons 5. Jason Bittner 6. John Criscione 7. Jordon Cox 8. Kyle Kania 9. Jeremy Martino 10. Alonzo Morales 11. Walt McIntyre 12. Matt Knaub 13. Dan Fleming 14. Brandon Grosso 15. Johnny Bangs 16. Devin Dodson 17. Shaun Ratchford 18. Eric Palmer 19. Rich Jones DQ: Matt Stangle, Tom Tanner, Dakota Kessler DNS: Billy Osmun

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