Three of a Kind As Mike Carman, Mike Hendershot, and Mike Lyons Score Victories at New Egypt

Three of a Kind As Mike Carman, Mike Hendershot, and Mike Lyons Score Victories at New Egypt

New Egypt, NJ– Saturday night was a good night to be named Mike at New Egypt Speedway as three drivers named Mike scored victories as the support divisions headlined the event. Mike Carman of Flemington, NJ scored his second Crate Modified victory of the season driving the John Chemidlin sponsored 747 in a feature that went wire to wire.

Scott Hyland led the field to the green flag and second place starter Tom Princiotta was quick to get around Hyland to take the lead. Ryan Simmons jumped into second place and was looking to take the lead from Princiotta when a skirmish with Hyland pushed Simmons back early in the event and put Carman into second place. Carman continued to pursue Princiotta who was hitting his mark lap and lap until a lap 10 mistake helped Carman overtake him for the lead. As Carman extended his lead over Princiotta, fifth place starter Brian Papiez charged into third on a late race surge. Carman was able to hold onto the lead and score the victory over Princiotta, Papiez, Jarrett Rozycki, and Frank Dorry.

The first of two Sportsman feature events went to Hackettstown, NJ native Mike Hendershot. New Egypt’s Derek Krum lead a majority of the race from the pole position until lap 13 when Hendershot was able to pass Krum to take the lead and eventually the victory. Following Hendershot to the line was Steve Davis, Krum, Clay Butler, and JT Trstensky. In Victory Lane Hendershot pulled a 14 invert putting Rookie Sportsman driver Marty Resnick on the pole. Resnick would scratch from the event lending his car to driver Will Dupree after he had problems in the first event. Jimmy Amato lead the field to the green but quickly surrendered the lead to Marty Saxton. Seventh place starter and eventual race winner Mike Lyons began picking cars off one by one taking the lead for good on lap four. Rounding out the top five were Clay Butler, Marty Saxton, Jeff Marcucci, and Steve Davis.

Marty Resnick of Flemington, NJ won his first HCI/Metal Fab Rookie feature of the year. Resnick started on the pole and led all 10 laps of the event. After the victory Marty, who owns Flemington Department Store, handed out Wrangler t-shirts to fans who had a union ID, CDL drivers license, or New Jersey state drivers license during intermission. Following Resnick to the line was Matt Stangle, Shaun Ratchford, Dan Fleming, and Heidi Hedin. The Rookie division will crown their Champion in two weeks on Saturday, June 27th.

Justin Dunn of Hamilton, NJ scored the victory in the second 4 Cylinder event of the season. Scoring victories in the Mechanics Races were Daryl Carman driving his son’s 747 Crate entry and Chris Bennett driving Marty Resnick’s 13M Sportsman entry.

This Saturday, June 20th we celebrate Father’s Day with the return of the 358 Modifieds after a week off. Joining the Modifieds on the card will be the Crate Modifieds and Street Stock divisions. Pit gates open at 4 pm, front gates open at 5 pm, hot laps begin at 6:15 pm, and the first green flag waves at 7 pm. Adults are $20, seniors 65 and older are $18, teens 12-15 and military and their spouses with ID are $10, and children 11 and under are free.

Crate Modified Results

1st Heat: 1. Mike Carman 2. Brian Papiez 3. Scott Hyland 4. Steve Hicks 6. Frank Dorry
2nd Heat: 1. Tom Princiotta 2. Jarrett Rozycki 3. Ryan Simmons 4. Jordan Cox 5. Eric Palmer 6. Bobby Butler
Feature (20 Laps): 1. Mike Carman 2. Tom Princiotta 3. Brian Papiez 4. Jarrett Rozycki 5. Frank Dorry 6. Bobby Butler 7. Matt Carman 8. Ryan Simmons 9. Jeremy Martino 10. Jordan Cox 11. Steve Hicks 12. Scott Hyland 13. Eric Palmer 14. Tom Tanner 15. Connor King 16. Brandon Grosso 17. Dan Fleming 18. Adam Cox 19. Shawn Ratchford 20. Matt Stangle 21. Nick Vasquez 22. Michael Wahl 23. Heidi Hedin 24. Aaron Weaver 25. Kathryn Horner

Sportsman Results
1st Feature (15 Laps): 1. Mike Hendershot 2. Steve Davis 3. Derek Krum 4. Clay Butler 5. JT Trstensky 6. Bob Lineman Jr. 7. Mike Lyons 8. Jason Dunn 9. Jeff Marcucci 10. Will Trstensky 11. Duane Nixon 12. Marty Saxton 13. Jimmy Amato 14. Marty Resnick 15. Will Dupree 16. Brandon Grosso 17. Johnny Cornell 18. Tom McCoy 19. Todd Dige
2nd Feature: 1. Mike Lyons 2. Clay Butler 3. Marty Saxton 4. Jeff Marcucci 5. Steve Davis 6. Brandon Grosso 7. JT Trstensky 8. Mike Hendershot 9. Derek Krum 10. Jason Dunn 11. Will Dupree 12. Johnny Cornell 13. Jimmy Amato 14. Will Trstensky 15. Bob Lineman Jr. 16. Duane Nixon
DNS: Marty Resnick, Tom McCoy, Todd Dige

Rookie Sportsman Results
Feature (10 Laps): 1. Marty Resnick 2. Matt Stangle 3. Shawn Ratchforf 4. Dan Fleming 5. Heidi Hedin 6. Kathryn Horner

4 Cylinder Feature Winner: Justin Dunn

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